About Us:

Shroff & Co. Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1950. Since then, it has built up a solid reputation of integrity, innovation and dedicated expertise in all aspects of the garment industry. With factories across Asia, Shroff & Co. Ltd services core countries that include the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.



Shroff & Co. Ltd has a long history of excellence in Hong Kong. Founded in 1950, it was developed to take advantage within Asia, of low manufacturing costs, high quality of goods and speed of delivery to its satisfied clients across the globe.

Today, those same qualities have grown with the company and Shroff & Co. Ltd has emerged with over 60 years of dedicated expertise to be one of the most trusted, reliable firms in the garment and promotional goods industry to its core clients.


The Company:

Shroff & Co. Ltd specialises in garments and manufacturing and has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing, delivery and design for global companies and brands across the world.

The company today is well placed in the market to cater to most client needs. This is the direct result of its long history in Asia, its dedication to quality control and its understanding of the market.

Shroff & Co. Ltd is made up of three divisions: ladies (45%), men (47%) and children (8%). Fabrication is mainly in China, India, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Europe.


The Team:

Shroff & Co. Ltd has a team of innovative, dedicated people who have integrated the best of Asian manufacturing skills with international business expertise and technology. It has a proven track record in global branding and product-to-market solutions and is the agent/supplier for numerous global companies.


The Manufacture:

Shroff & Co. Ltd works only with factories that follow human rights policies and many are ISO 9002 certified.  Factories and manufacturing capabilities take place in China, Macao, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Banglade

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